Aisha Farr
15.05.21 - 05.06.21



an end to what stung first




lover of swamps rest here

and for you a wet riddle:

two hard dumb creatures

are bashful and flaky

like ripped chicken

cut down from their

safe flaggy plot they 

make a girl grow up

between them fringed

in her hoary red skirt

creeping she feeds

gentle on their stripy

meekness the slow- 

drawn hoops of their 

careful breeding if they 

let her grow glad of her 

grazing body she will

become silly and hot

eat them up bit by bit

fast forgetting the soft

way they rubbed her




the wrong way to 

measure this time-hefty

cloth is to name it as

flammable or the weft 

warped up. lie marshy 

to yourself with the

riddles of auld the

sex parts they cloak 

the babies they want 

and lose or the water 

they use to douse 

too plainly the words.

eg the river travelling

down itself the fish 

in that river singing:

for as long as i live i

live in him if we part 

from one another it is 

i who will die – as if




a swaying jaunty 

magpie on the edge

of water can a path

be this thin this silver

or is my eye thinning

in the sun to see?

a stock take of your

self by the canal is 

a dock leaf of your

self as a nettle is a 

mock-up of this old

hemmed river with its

rude unseemly length

the little sinky foss n

plastic pudges in 

its betraying edges.

i’m a cursor out of my 

depth saying what

land feels like to be

of above on over




the first section of the

standard car theory 

test is called hazard

perception a screen

attached to an old

computer stands in 

for the car and for 

the body but the road 

is notional your eyes 

a group of twenty or 

so deer glitching badly 

their tawny bodies

repeating one design

across your vision in

the driving snow so

you touch the mouse

to indicate you’ve seen




Aisha Farr











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