P L U M B I N G   W I N E


Hannah Dinsdale
Reasonable feelings

04.12.2021, 2-6pm



What will this piece of work look like when it is on its pole in its place? When my body is cold and I can see my breath. When the glass is icy but inside feels warm like an incubator. Small, spherical ornaments that will let off a gentle glow—pushing their energy around a circuit. My ornaments will be in their beds, soft cushions coloured midnight blue. There will be glassy marbles and bobbly surfaces that are satisfying to touch. When they clank and roll into each other, they are my ASMR triggers—a feeling behind my ears, the back of my neck, down my spine, feelings that I cannot give reason to.



Parking lot, Balmes Rd N1 5SW

51°32'15.8"N 0°05'05.5"W
51.537722, -0.084861





3D printed lights, LED’s, battery pack, tie-dyed fabrics, felt, padding, sand. 2021